Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cartoons Galore! Exhibition: PopUp Event, Sunday afternoon, 01/09/2013

That's it, it was the last day of the Cartoons Galore! Exhibition. Three of us were there, representing the Australian Cartoonists' Association, for the last PopUp Event from 2pm to 5pm: Tim McEwen, Rob Feldman and me.

It was a lot quieter than Thursday night, but then again, it was Fathers' Day, which meant that it must have been a slow day for Top Ryde City in terms of customers.

A lot of people however stopped to talk to us and check what we were up to. Basically, we were drawing live and answering questions. The kids' reactions to people drawing live is interesting, as their faces light up!

All the feedback I have received is positive and the Cartoons Galore! Exhibition has been a big success for the Hungry for Art Festival and for Top Ryde City. Hopefully, we can have a similar (or different) event next year!

Below are a few photos taken today. Click to enlarge...

Tim McEwen talking about the comics page he's working on

Rob Feldman drawing a Pirate

Tim McEwen hard at work.

Tim McEwen showing his portfolio

Rob Feldman drawing for a young lady

One of my drawings on the day snatched before I started packing up...

And another one of my originals gone :)

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