Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Stanley Awards Weekend (Part 3)

Saturday night, 26th October 2013: Stanley Awards

The night of night of the Australian Cartoonists' Association is the Stanley Awards dinner and ceremony. Once again, the Stanley's Committee did a great job at organizing the evening, with pre-dinner drinks at 6:30pm for a start at 7pm.

The MC for the night was Peter Berner, a comedian and TV personality (in Australia) who also happen to be a cartoonist and member of the ACA. Coincidence? I think not as Peter was at the Stanley Awards as a guest like us last year! He did a great job as an MC.

Below is the official list of nominees and winners (in Bold) for each of the Stanley Awards categories:

Illustrator nominees:
Pat Campbell, Anton Emdin, David Follett, Eric Lobbecke, Levent Efe
Comic Strip Artist nominees:
Jason Chatfield, Gary Clark, Allan Salisbury, David Follett, Tony Lopez
Single Gag Cartoonist nominees:
Luke Watson, Matt Golding, Dean Alston, Judy Horacek, Glen Le Lievre
Caricaturist nominees:
David Rowe, Tom Richmond, Judy Nadin, David Pope, Terry Dunnett
Editorial/Political Cartoonist nominees:
Ron Tandberg, Mark Knight, Bill Leak, David Pope, David Rowe
Comic Book Artist nominees:
Josef Szekeres, Anton Emdin, Dave Emerson, Tim McEwen, David Blumenstein

Cartoonist Of The Year nominees:
Peter Broelman, Pat Campbell, Glen Le Lievre, David Pope, David Rowe, Anton Emdin

If you can count, you'll notice that Anton Emdin snatched three, that's THREE, Stanley Awards!

It was a great night and many congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

As usual, there was a silent auction to raise money for the ACA and I managed to snatch an original "Swamp" strip. I just love Swamp! Gary Clark was awarded a special award on the night to celebrate 10,000 (yes ten thousand) Swamp strips, not including Sunday strips! What an achievement!

Below are some photos on the night:

Lovely branded balloons

Peter Berner admiring Swamp original strips

Peter Berner and Gary Clark

Silent Auction artwork

Silent Auction artwork

The original Swamp strip I managed to snap

2013 Stanley Award Winners
Standing, left to right: Glen Le Lievre, Tom Richmond, David Rowe, Jules Faber,
Kneeling: Gary Clark and Anton Emdim

Once again, congratulations to all nominees and winners!

It has been announced that the 2014 Stanley Awards will be in Sydney in November 2014.
Don't miss it!

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