Sunday, 3 November 2013

Two minutes with Cartoonist Tony Lopes

Cartoonist: Tony Lopes (a.k.a. Stoney, named as a tip of the hat to my mum who used to constantly call me stoney by mistake, as I had an older brother called Stephen. )

Comic Strip: Insanity Streak ( UK readers know the strip as the Odd Streak)

Location: Sydney, Australia



Q: When did you start Insanity Streak?
A: Insanity Streak was brewing in my mind while at art school, back in 1992. During this period I commenced drawing the comic once a week and sold the strip to 5 weekly publications.
This grueling  weekly schedule continued for 8 years until the year 2000 when Insanity Streak became a daily strip.

Q: What merchandise do you have available for your fans?
A: Currently available is my latest book "Striving for quantity", which is almost certain not to make the NY Times best seller list, a range of greeting cards, archival colour prints plus original art, along with a limited range of clothing... Details available on my website.

Q: Apart from Insanity Streak, do you have any other cartooning project or do commission work?
A: The simple answer is no. Insanity Streak doesn't allow me to come up for air and do other projects. I sweat bullets coming up with the material and spend a lot of my time weeding out jokes to find funnier material.

For me, the daily comic strip is a full time job and I have a family who often look longingly at me for some attention.

Q: Have you won any awards for cartooning?
A: Over the years Insanity Streak has  been fortunate to win several "Stanley" awards from the Australian Cartoonists' Association for best Comic strip.
The Stanley’s awards have been described as the “Oscars of Australian Cartooning” in terms of comparison.
As they are voted by industry peers, it is a privilege to receive a "Stanley".
As well as Stanley Awards, Insanity Streak has also won some Rotary Cartoon Awards.

Thanks you Tony!
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