Monday, 26 May 2014

Saint Just le Martel 2014 International Cartoon Festival

This is it, I've sent to Saint Just le Martel (France) today a fairly large parcel containing close to 200 pieces of artwork from Members of the Australian Cartoonists' Association (ACA). The official list of contributors for the ACA-exhibition at the Saint Just le Martel (France) 2014 International Cartoon Festival (see details HERE):
  1. Mark Lynch:
  2. Brian Conradsen:
  3. Tony Lopes:
  4. Anton Emdin:
  5. Alan Moir: Editorial Cartoonist at the Sydney Morning Herald.
  6. Matt Golding:
  7. Judy Nadin:
  8. Robert Carter:
  9. Martin "Woody" Robinson:
  10. George Haddon:
  11. Glen Le Lievre:
  12. Will Goodwin:
  13. Martina Zeitler:
  14. Ryan Lee Taylor:
  15. Tim Mellish:
  16. Chris Wilson:
  17. Danny Zemp:
  18. Geoff Norris: No website provided.
  19. Ward O'Neill:
  20. Angie Lyndon: No website provided
  21. Alan Rose:
  22. Dani Vittz:
  23. Cathy Wilcox:
  24. Terry Dunnett:
  25. Lindsay Foyle: No website provided
  26. Robert Black:
  27. John Allison:
  28. Pat Campbell:
  29. David "Hinze" Pope:
  30. David Rowe: Cartoonist at the Australian Financial Review
  31. Mark Tippett:
  32. Peter Sheehan:
  33. Ian Melody: Bonfire Cartoons (No website provided)
  34. Rob Feldman:
  35. David Williams: No website provided
  36. Jock Brodie: No website provided
  37. Gary Clark:
  38. Eric Lobbecke: Cartoonist at the The Australian
  39. Dave "Emo" Emerson:
  40. Andrew Weldon:
  41. Christopher Downes:
  42. Maria Scrivan:
  43. Steve Panozzo:
  44. Judy Horacek:
  45. Mark Guthrie:
  46. Jason Chatfield:
  47. Grant Brown:
  48. Jules Faber:
  49. Roger Fletcher:
  50. Christophe Granet:
Note that the official opening of the Australian Exhibition at the festival will be at 11am on Saturday the 27th of September 2014 at Saint Just le Martel.

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