Sunday, 15 June 2014

Supanova Sydney 2014: ACA Table

This weekend, the Australian Cartoonists' Association (ACA) had a table at Supanova 2014.

The following ACA Members were present to represent the ACA:

Below are a few photos taken over the weekend:
The amazing Peter Lewis at work. Boy it is amazing to see him work. His "caricatures" are more like truly beautiful portraits. He such a talented guy!

ACA President extraordinaire Jules Faber readying the ACA Table.

My little corner for Saturday and Sunday...

Rob Feldman and Nat Karmichael show the one and only proof copy of Rob's upcoming cartoon book published through ComicOz by Nat Karmichael. Rob needs to check it before the printer finalizes the print run. I am so waiting to receive my copy! Rob is a very talented and funny guy. Buy his book!

Rob Feldman and Jules Faber

Boy these two love the camera!

Another happy customer for Peter Lewis. Peter made lots of happy customers this weekend...

Rob Feldman promoting his book to Supanova visitors!

The very talented Colin Wilson whom I have had the privilege to interview a while ago for Inkspot, the magazine of the Australian Cartoonists' Association. Finally managed to meet him in person. Colin is a living legend in France, the USA and Australia (at least!, maybe a world legend).

The caricaturist extraordinaire and all-round nice guy Steve Panozzo.

A member of the 501st Legion (Southern Cross Garrison): These guys and girls are amazing. They are all volunteers and use their passion for Star Wars and CosPlay to raise money for various charities. Check their website and the very generous things they do...

The Uber-Talented AJNA and the lovely Elysabeth.

AJNA and Rob Feldman

Peter Lewis still at work (he worked almost non-stop all days!).

A few of my doodles on the day and two drawings from Peter Lewis.

Some of my doodles on the weekend

I'll post these doodles individually later...

Rob promoting his book again. Boy he makes them laugh...

Jules Faber and our young apprentice ACA Helper.

Tony Lopes and his "Insanity Streak" book

Tony hard at work on his latest gag

All in all, it was great fun and I am pleased I volunteered to help out. I only sold three of my books but hey, I managed to distribute about 100 free small prints and hopefully, it will bring traffic to my website.

Jules Faber went around every stall to talk to all the artists present at Supanova and introduce them to what the Australian cartoonists' Association does. We're hoping that it will push them to join the ACA.

Note that the ACA will have its annual Conference and Stanley Awards in Sydney this year: 14th and 15th of November 2014. Put it in your diary!

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  1. Great photographs,, Hagen!
    You are right, it doesn't matter about the number of books sold... (I only managed two in Melbourne!) It is about the community and being able to promote the ACA to other artists and cartoonists out there....
    I only wish I could have stayed longer! But I have a few other projects to continue working on that I had to get back to in Queensland...
    Hurry up, Rob, and get the final pages "adjusted" on your book, so we can ALL enjoy it!