Sunday, 13 July 2014

ACA Exhibition at the 2014 Saint Just le Martel Cartoon Festival

The Australian Cartoonists Association has organized an exhibition of Australian Cartoonists' artwork as part of the 2014 International Cartoon Festival of Saint Just le Martel (France,

The Festival will run from the 27th of September to the 5th of October 2014.

Saint Just le Martel is a small village next to the town of Limoges in central France (400km south of Paris).
The festival mostly caters for single gag cartoons, editorial and political cartoons, caricatures and illustrations.

The festival has been around for over 30 years and attracts a lot of cartoonists from around the world as well as lots of visitors ( ).

Hagen Cartoons has been liaising with the Organizing Committee of the festival to set up the exhibition. The name of the exhbition will be: "Australian view of the World and Australian Humour" or "Le monde vu par les Australiens et Humour Australien".

The official opening of the exhibition will be on Saturday the 27th of September, at 11am, at Saint Just le Martel.

Fifty ACA Members responded to the call for artwork submission and a full list can be seen at .

Four ACA Members will actually make the trip to France for the Festival, namely Eric Lobbecke, Judy Horacek, Ward O'Neill and Hagen Cartoons. Eric Lobbecke has kindly agreed to open the exhibition on behalf of the ACA. Two other ACA Members are still considering if they can attend as well.

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