Tuesday, 14 October 2014

2014 Saint Just le Martel Cartoon Festival: Part 2

If you have missed Part 1, it is here: http://www.hagencartoons.blogspot.com.au/2014/10/2014-saint-just-le-martel-cartoon.html

This is Part 2, showing more photos:

There are two exhibition halls during the festival, the main permanent display hall as well as the town's gymnasium that is used for the 9 days of the Festival.

Friday, 26th of September 2014: Official opening night

Dinner: All the cartoonists, their families and the numerous volunteers are invited, EVERY DAY, for lunch and dinner in the "dining tent". All food is supplied free by local companies, the chefs work as volunteers, the service is done by the teenagers from the village: It was AWESOME!
My sincere thanks to all the volunteers!

View of the other exhibition hall: The village's gymnasium, graciously offered for the week by the local council and housing some amazing artwork.

Cartoonist at work

Fellow Australian Cartoonists: Third from left, Judy Horacek and Ward O'Neill on the far right

Fellow Australian Cartoonists: Peter Sheehan and Eric Lobbecke

Somebody going away with a drawing I did for him

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  1. Bonjour Christophe, Thank you for your post . It brings back memories that are still fresh and helps give family and friends something of an idea what the wonderful people of Saint- Just-le-Martel did for us. I am very grateful to my hosts Francoize and Christian and all the many organisers who did such a great job- Ward O'Neill