Wednesday, 15 October 2014

2014 Saint Just le Martel Cartoon Festival: Part 3

If you have missed Part 1, it is here:

Part 2 is here:

This is Part 3:

Eric Lobbecke being interviewed for, a local TV station located in Limoges
(the big town close to Saint Just le Martel)

One of my early drawings at the Festival. I foolishly started doing full A4 drawing, but quickly realized I could not keep up with the demand, so I very quickly switched to doing quick A5 drawings to please the many (many!) kids who wanted drawings, and since I draw mostly cute animals, there was a lot of demand!

The Australian contingent, with, from left-to-right: Francesca, Nerolie, Vicky, Eric Lobbecke, Judy Horacek, Ward O'Neill and Hagen.

The 2014 International Press Prize that was awarded to the Australian Cartoonists' Association for our collective exhibition at the Festival.

A (small) selection of quick A5-size drawings I did for the public.

On one busy day, I drew pretty much from 10am to 7pm (with a nice lunch in betweeen though!)

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