Thursday, 16 October 2014

2014 Saint Just le Martel Cartoon Festival: Part 5


If you have missed Part 1, it is here:

Part 2 is here:

Part 3 is here:

Part 4 is here:

This is Part 5:
Daryl Cagle , winner of last year's "Humour Vache", and who drew the poster for this edition of the Festival, being offered a giant caricature of himself

Saturday Lunch offered by "Les Toques Blanches", the top restaurateurs of the region of Limoges

Nerolie enjoying the delicacies

So is Judy Horacek!

Ward O'Neill and a happy girl going away with her portrait

Another happy customer for Ward

Ward signing one of the numerous "Golden Book" that various people ask cartoonists to draw in.
I believe I drew in well over a dozen...

Presentation of giant caricature. I do not know who the author of these caricature was (I didn't hear the announcement), but they are fabulous! All done with cross-hatching!

She wanted a cat, so a cat I drew for her...

Another portrait by Ward O'Neill

Friends checking out my cartoons

The problem with going back home to France for the Saint Just le Martel Festival
is that my family was requesting cartoons too for themselves and the neighbour's kids...

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  1. Thanks Christophe for not only organising the Australian contingent, but also taking he time to share these wonderful photos with all of us. You're a legend!