Monday, 26 May 2014

Saint Just le Martel 2014 International Cartoon Festival

This is it, I've sent to Saint Just le Martel (France) today a fairly large parcel containing close to 200 pieces of artwork from Members of the Australian Cartoonists' Association (ACA). The official list of contributors for the ACA-exhibition at the Saint Just le Martel (France) 2014 International Cartoon Festival (see details HERE):
  1. Mark Lynch:
  2. Brian Conradsen:
  3. Tony Lopes:
  4. Anton Emdin:
  5. Alan Moir: Editorial Cartoonist at the Sydney Morning Herald.
  6. Matt Golding:
  7. Judy Nadin:
  8. Robert Carter:
  9. Martin "Woody" Robinson:
  10. George Haddon:
  11. Glen Le Lievre:
  12. Will Goodwin:
  13. Martina Zeitler:
  14. Ryan Lee Taylor:
  15. Tim Mellish:
  16. Chris Wilson:
  17. Danny Zemp:
  18. Geoff Norris: No website provided.
  19. Ward O'Neill:
  20. Angie Lyndon: No website provided
  21. Alan Rose:
  22. Dani Vittz:
  23. Cathy Wilcox:
  24. Terry Dunnett:
  25. Lindsay Foyle: No website provided
  26. Robert Black:
  27. John Allison:
  28. Pat Campbell:
  29. David "Hinze" Pope:
  30. David Rowe: Cartoonist at the Australian Financial Review
  31. Mark Tippett:
  32. Peter Sheehan:
  33. Ian Melody: Bonfire Cartoons (No website provided)
  34. Rob Feldman:
  35. David Williams: No website provided
  36. Jock Brodie: No website provided
  37. Gary Clark:
  38. Eric Lobbecke: Cartoonist at the The Australian
  39. Dave "Emo" Emerson:
  40. Andrew Weldon:
  41. Christopher Downes:
  42. Maria Scrivan:
  43. Steve Panozzo:
  44. Judy Horacek:
  45. Mark Guthrie:
  46. Jason Chatfield:
  47. Grant Brown:
  48. Jules Faber:
  49. Roger Fletcher:
  50. Christophe Granet:
Note that the official opening of the Australian Exhibition at the festival will be at 11am on Saturday the 27th of September 2014 at Saint Just le Martel.

Friday, 23 May 2014

My non-"It's a Jungle out there!" cartoons are now available for sale through These cartoons are Science-related mostly but there are a few "Law" cartoons, "Business" cartoons and generally silly cartoons.

You can access directly my cartoons at