Monday, 23 December 2013

Busy 2013 for Hagen Cartoons

Well, 2013 is almost over, and it is time to reflect on the year to date. As some of you may know, I am not a full time cartoonist and rely on my busy but satisfying day job to feed the family (thank goodness for my day job!).

To date, I have drawn 316 cartoons in 2013, that's 0.866 cartoon per day, for those of you, like me, mathematically inclined... Not bad for a non-pro...

As for the newspaper industry, the prospect of my cartoons appearing again in newspapers is pretty grim, despite the efforts of my agent in Australia, Auspac Media. I am now in only two Saturday papers ("The West Australian", Perth, Australia and "The Port Moresby Courrier", Papua New Guinea), whis is better than nothing, but a bit disheartening.

Cartoonstock and Jantoo however have managed to sell a lot more of my cartoons this year, but unfortunately, this is still not enough to make up for the lost income of having lost a number of newspapers in 2011. On Cartoonstock or Jantoo, you can do an advanced search by artist and select "Hagen" to review my cartoons.

Very few sales on Zazzle or Redbubble this year, which is also quite disappointing...

In 2013, I've put together cartoon eBooks on with, it must be said, very limited success with only a few sales and a few "borrows" so far. As I am useless at advertising or promoting myself, I am not all that surprised, but it would have been nice to see more sales now that I have 19 eBooks for sale.

O well, let's see what 2014 has in stock for cartoonists...

Hagen Cartoons:

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cartoon eBooks: Look Inside function finally working

Amazon has finally made the "Look Inside" function available for my cartoon eBooks. You don't need to download a sample anymore, just click on the "Look Inside" tab and you can see online a selection of pages from the eBook.

Please check my Amazon Author Page and check the "It's a Jungle out there!" eBooks available.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cartoon eBook Promotion

My cartoon eBooks are available through Amazon at

From the 21th of November to the 25th of November 2013, my eBook "It's a Jungle out there!: Up Periscope!" will be reduced to $US 0.99 instead of the usual $US 2.99.

Although advertised for the Kindle, Amazon offers free eReader for most devices...

Support my cartoons by purchasing my eBooks :)

Business Cartoon No 9

Business Cartoon No 9

Friday, 15 November 2013

New cartoon eBook on Amazon

I've just released my latest eBook, "It's a Jungle out there!: Come on, push me..." (Cartoons No 2601 - 2700): Check it out at

All my cartoon eBooks are available at

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Two minutes with Cartoonist Gary Clark

Cartoonist: Gary Clark

Based in: Brisbane, QLD, Australia


Social Media:

About Swamp: Swamp is an international, award winning comic strip created by Queensland's Gary Clark.
Set in a marsh, it is a funny down-to-earth look at a simple society bewildered by an increasingly complex world. The strip is home to a collection of misfit characters; Ding the duck who after 4,592 flying lessons still can't fly; Wart and Mort the whimsical, wise cracking frogs; Cheese and Chives the easy living, contented dump rats; Old Man Croc with lots of attitude but no teeth and his pesky Nit Picker Bird companion, among others. These leading players spend their lives surfing the sludge pipe, dodging the dump and surviving the toxic waste while giving unlikely photo opportunities to the hapless tourists on the Swamp Tours Boat. Their spin on life is sometimes slapstick, sometimes sophisticated, but always has a refreshing optimism that has endeared them to millions of readers.
Biography:  Queensland cartoonist Gary Clark could only dream when his humorous comic strip Swamp was first published in 1981 that decades later it would be reaching over three and a half million Australians every day. It is published in capital city dailies, regional daily and Sunday newspapers and magazines across the country, but that's only half the story as it has also steadily grown in popularity on both sides of the globe..

Brisbane born Gary spent his childhood playing in the creeks and ponds near his suburban home.
His childhood adventures in and around this muddy playground full of wildlife, sights and smells was to become the inspiration for his cartoon strip SWAMP.

Inspired to draw as a child by sitting on his father's lap and watching him sketch, Gary was about 4 years old when his father's drawing of aircraft and hangers also began his interest in aircraft and aviation. This led him to become a licensed pilot and also to create Ding the flying-student duck.

Gary developed his cartoon skills in Primary and High School drawing cartoons to amuse friends. After completing high School Gary entered Art School and commenced a three year course in commercial illustration. Although cartooning was not taught at Art school Gary turned every possible assignment into a cartooning assignment and soon gained the reputation of being the resident cartoonist. It was during these years that he was inspired to one day create a cartoon strip and pursue this as a full time career. After graduation Gary worked as an artist in the advertising industry working. In 1974 during a lunch break while working as a layout artist, he developed the beginnings of a cartoon strip based on happy childhood memories of marshy places and wildlife  - though several years went by before it was developed enough to sell.

Gary broke into full time cartooning in 1978 for a national trucking magazine, resulting in two comic editions of his "Trucktoons" successfully published. However, it was in 1981 that his wife of one year sold "The Swamp" strip to its first newspaper.

Today Swamp  continues appears in many capital city daily and Sunday newspapers throughout Australia and Scandinavia .and In addition to the cartoon strip, 24 Swamp Cartoon Albums have been published.  Swamp cartoons are also regularly published in educational textbooks and in a  wide variety of  Government , Industry and conservation publications.

His wife, Yvonne, and son, Scott, continue to provide much of the support and inspiration that makes Swamp what it is.

  11 ACA Best Comic Strip Stanley Awards,
  12 Coffs Harbour Rotary cartoon awards ( 4 Winner and 8 Merit )

Do you have any merchandise for sale? Books and merchandise of all types are available through my website's Store.

Professional Associations you are a Member of? I am a Member of the Australian Cartoonists' Association (ACA)

Do you do commission work? Selectively. Swamp is my full time occupation and keeping ahead of deadlines doesn’t leave time to do much else. But when an interesting commission comes my way I am happy to consider it. I recently created storyboards and key drawings for animations for a recent Cinema released Documentary about the impact of legislation on the Australian Fishing Industry.

The Documentary is called “Drawing The Line.”

Any other info you want to share? I’m currently working on a series of Swamp digital albums for release initially ipad and iphone then Anroid. Release date is Mid December 2013.

Thanks Gary!
Hagen Cartoons

Sold Postcard

The 25th Rotary Cartoon Award Winners


Best Cartoon – Political
Winner – David Pope
Merit - Matt Adams

Best Cartoon – Open
Winner – Mark Lynch
Merit - Phillip Day

Best Cartoon – Sports
Winner - David Rowe
Merit - Rod Emmerson

Best Comic Strip
Winner – Jules Faber
Merit - Gary Clark

Best Caricature of a well-known person
Winner – Eric Lobbecke
Merit - Judy Nadin

Special Topic – ‘Joys of Ageing’
Winner – Phil Judd
Merit - Mark Lynch

Winner – Bozhkov Miroslav – Bulgaria
Merit - Constantin Sunnerberg - Belgium


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Two minutes with Cartoonist Tony Lopes

Cartoonist: Tony Lopes (a.k.a. Stoney, named as a tip of the hat to my mum who used to constantly call me stoney by mistake, as I had an older brother called Stephen. )

Comic Strip: Insanity Streak ( UK readers know the strip as the Odd Streak)

Location: Sydney, Australia



Q: When did you start Insanity Streak?
A: Insanity Streak was brewing in my mind while at art school, back in 1992. During this period I commenced drawing the comic once a week and sold the strip to 5 weekly publications.
This grueling  weekly schedule continued for 8 years until the year 2000 when Insanity Streak became a daily strip.

Q: What merchandise do you have available for your fans?
A: Currently available is my latest book "Striving for quantity", which is almost certain not to make the NY Times best seller list, a range of greeting cards, archival colour prints plus original art, along with a limited range of clothing... Details available on my website.

Q: Apart from Insanity Streak, do you have any other cartooning project or do commission work?
A: The simple answer is no. Insanity Streak doesn't allow me to come up for air and do other projects. I sweat bullets coming up with the material and spend a lot of my time weeding out jokes to find funnier material.

For me, the daily comic strip is a full time job and I have a family who often look longingly at me for some attention.

Q: Have you won any awards for cartooning?
A: Over the years Insanity Streak has  been fortunate to win several "Stanley" awards from the Australian Cartoonists' Association for best Comic strip.
The Stanley’s awards have been described as the “Oscars of Australian Cartooning” in terms of comparison.
As they are voted by industry peers, it is a privilege to receive a "Stanley".
As well as Stanley Awards, Insanity Streak has also won some Rotary Cartoon Awards.

Thanks you Tony!
Hagen Cartoons

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Bless you post card
Bless you post card by Hagen_Cartoons
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Friday, 1 November 2013

Asterix and the Picts

I am a big Asterix fan (I have all the albums in French and English) and was very pleased to see that a new Asterix Book was finally being released: "Asterix chez les Pictes" ("Asterix and the Picts"). Although officially released worldwide on the 24th of October, I only found a copy three days later (I live in Sydney, Australia). Great effort from the new team (Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad) who have had the hard task of taking over from the late Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo who has now retired. The look and feel of the new album is basically the same as the previous albums, which says that the new team has worked very hard to make the transition smooth: Well done Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad!

Hopefully, you know about Asterix, Obelix and their adventures. If not, check the official Asterix website:

This is the official announcement taken from is:

Asterix the Gaul adventures
Vol. 35 - Asterix and the Picts

Written by: Jean-Yves Ferri - Drawings by: Didier Conrad
Original title: Astérix chez les Pictes
Published by: Les Éditions Albert René
First album edition: octobre 24th, 2013
On 24th October 2013, Asterix and the Picts will be on the shelves of every bookshop in the Known World! The Picts? Yes, the Picts! These people of ancient Scotland comprised many clans of formidable warriors. Their name, given by the Romans, literally means “painted men”. Astérix chez les Pictes thus continues in the tradition of the adventures of the most famous Gaul, an epic journey to a land rich in traditions and the discovery of a people whose cultural differences will result in memorable gags and wordplay. Bets are open on readers’ forums where impatient discussions are in full flow…Whisky? Caber tossers? Bagpipes? Names beginning with Mac? The origins of Hadrian’s Wall and the Loch Ness Monster finally revealed? And, who knows, perhaps even Gauls in kilts?... Suspense is at its height!
Visit your local bookshop on 24th October 2013 to pick up what already promises to be a classic of the Asterix comic book series: Asterix and the Picts!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Stanley Awards Weekend (Part 3)

Saturday night, 26th October 2013: Stanley Awards

The night of night of the Australian Cartoonists' Association is the Stanley Awards dinner and ceremony. Once again, the Stanley's Committee did a great job at organizing the evening, with pre-dinner drinks at 6:30pm for a start at 7pm.

The MC for the night was Peter Berner, a comedian and TV personality (in Australia) who also happen to be a cartoonist and member of the ACA. Coincidence? I think not as Peter was at the Stanley Awards as a guest like us last year! He did a great job as an MC.

Below is the official list of nominees and winners (in Bold) for each of the Stanley Awards categories:

Illustrator nominees:
Pat Campbell, Anton Emdin, David Follett, Eric Lobbecke, Levent Efe
Comic Strip Artist nominees:
Jason Chatfield, Gary Clark, Allan Salisbury, David Follett, Tony Lopez
Single Gag Cartoonist nominees:
Luke Watson, Matt Golding, Dean Alston, Judy Horacek, Glen Le Lievre
Caricaturist nominees:
David Rowe, Tom Richmond, Judy Nadin, David Pope, Terry Dunnett
Editorial/Political Cartoonist nominees:
Ron Tandberg, Mark Knight, Bill Leak, David Pope, David Rowe
Comic Book Artist nominees:
Josef Szekeres, Anton Emdin, Dave Emerson, Tim McEwen, David Blumenstein

Cartoonist Of The Year nominees:
Peter Broelman, Pat Campbell, Glen Le Lievre, David Pope, David Rowe, Anton Emdin

If you can count, you'll notice that Anton Emdin snatched three, that's THREE, Stanley Awards!

It was a great night and many congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

As usual, there was a silent auction to raise money for the ACA and I managed to snatch an original "Swamp" strip. I just love Swamp! Gary Clark was awarded a special award on the night to celebrate 10,000 (yes ten thousand) Swamp strips, not including Sunday strips! What an achievement!

Below are some photos on the night:

Lovely branded balloons

Peter Berner admiring Swamp original strips

Peter Berner and Gary Clark

Silent Auction artwork

Silent Auction artwork

The original Swamp strip I managed to snap

2013 Stanley Award Winners
Standing, left to right: Glen Le Lievre, Tom Richmond, David Rowe, Jules Faber,
Kneeling: Gary Clark and Anton Emdim

Once again, congratulations to all nominees and winners!

It has been announced that the 2014 Stanley Awards will be in Sydney in November 2014.
Don't miss it!

Stanley Awards Weekend (Part 2)

Saturday 26th of October 2013:

As usual, I got up at 6am and since the breakfast bar was not going to be open until 7am, I went for a nice walk around the resort, see photos below:
Pacific Bay Resort

There were lots of Bush Turkeys running around

The small beach at the end of the resort

During the summer, they have a Circus School on site

After a nice buffet breakfast, it was time to attend the annual General Assembly of the Australian Cartoonists' Association (ACA). Members of the Committee, lead by Jules Faber, current ACA President, told us how the club was going and presented us with the financial audit of the club. Everything seems in order. After this official business done, the Committee answered questions from the ACA Members present. At 10am, it was time to start the ACA Conference itself.

First to speak was Jules Faber who gave the Presidential Welcome.

Brian Cook, a literary agent, showed us some typical costings for book publication and advertising and how much return an author and/or illustrator is likely to get. That was a bit disheartening to see how little royalty most authors get back.

Tom Richmond, Guest of Honour this year and President of the National Cartoonists' Society (USA) gave us a short course on caricature. Boy Tom is amazing! Basically, Tom talked about the art of caricature, what to look for in a face and asked the audience to practice with him. On the screen were projected some famous models and we were invited to draw at the same time as Tom. I suck at caricature, so my efforts were abysmal. Some of the other guys and girls though did some amazing work. It is easy to spot the real caricaturists! Below are a few photos:
Jules Faber introducing Tom Richmond

Caricatures of the models on the screen that Peter Byrne did during Tom's tutorial: Great stuff!

Another Peter Byrne caricature and some from Dave Blumenstein

This was followed by a short talk from volunteers of the Coffs Harbour Bunker Cartoon Gallery.

At lunchtime, it was time to buy second-hand books to raise money for the Bunker Cartoon Gallery as well as Tom Richmond's book and signed prints:
Tom Richmond signing his book for me: Yeah!

Straight after lunch, Tom Richmond, Anton Emdin and Dave Williams (editor of the Australian version of MAD Magazine) gave us an insight on how things work at MAD Magazine:
Tom Richmond, Anton Emdin, Dave Williams

Tim McEwen and Dave Blumenstein then gave us a "State of the Comic Nation". Tim showed a vast number of examples of emerging comic-book artists while Dave concentrated on explaining the development, ups and downs of Squishface Studio in Melbourne.
Jason Chatfield, Dave Blumenstein, Tim McEwen

Jason Chatfield then told us about the importance of being online. Jason talked about why you should check that your website is user-friendly when used from a mobile device and brushed on the importance of knowing how to work with Social Media to build more traffic and business.
Jason Chatfield

Last but not least, Russ Radcliffe, editor for "Best Australian Political cartoons" showcased his favourite cartoons from the past ten years...

This concluded the official programme of the 2013 ACA Conference, and it was time to get ready for the 2013 Stanley Awards...

(To be continued)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Stanley Awards Weekend (Part 1)

On Friday morning, Dave Williams (Editor of the Australian Mad Magazine), Anton Emdin (Multi award-winning cartoonist and illustrator) and I drove to Coffs Harbour. We left Sydney around 8:00am and after a coffee break and lunch break reached the Pacific Bay Resort (Novotel) in Coffs Harbour around 4:00pm. It was so nice to have these two guys with me for the trip!

After a quick check in, we gathered at the reception to take the bus that would lead us to the Bunker Cartoon Gallery for the opening of the exhibition of the 25th Rotary Cartoons Awards:

Below are some photos of the exhibition and the opening on Friday the 25th of October 2013:

Amazing Rod Steward caricature from Judy Nadin

Artwork by Martina Zeitler

Artwork by Danny Zemp

 My book (in yellow) on display in the display cabinet

Artwork by Tony Lopes

Artwork by Gary Clark

One of my cartoons on display: Hagen Cartoons

Artwork by Phil Judd

Artwork by Rob Feldman

Artwork by Gary Clark

Jason Chatfield and Lindsay Foyle.

Artwork by Peter Lewis

Neil Matterson in front of one of his cartoons

Artwork by Phillip Day

 Lovely wife of one of the cartoonists talking to David Pope

(to be continued)