Friday, 30 August 2013

Free "It's a Jungle out there!" eBook this weekend

One of my eBook is Free to download this weekend (US-time) from Friday the 30th of August to midnight Sunday the 1st of September 2013.

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cartoons Galore! Exhibition: PopUp Event, Thursday Night, 29/08/2013

As part of the Cartoons Galore! Exhibition, the "Hungry for Art" Festival Organizers asked the Australian Cartoonists' Association to have two "PopUp" events after the official Launch last Saturday.

The first PopUp event was tonight and entertaining the public were Jock Brodie, Rob Feldman, Nathan Seabolt, Regine "Jinberry" Clarke, Paul Caggegi and Christophe "Hagen" Granet.

Below are photos taken tonight. Boy we've been busy and I am so grateful these amazing people were there with me tonight to represent the Australian Cartoonists' Association!

Click on the thumbnails to see the photos larger.

Nathan Seabolt

Tim McEwen drawing a caricature

Paul Caggegi showing his amazing sketchbook

Jock Brodie drawing a caricature

Jock Brodie caricatured by Tim McEwen

Nathan Seabolt

Paul Caggegi

Artwork from Nathan Seabolt

Nathan Seabolt and Tim McEwen

Paul Caggegi

Rob Feldman and Nathan Seabolt

Regine "Jinberry" Clarke

Caricature by Tim McEwen

Regine "Jinberry" Clarker

Drawing by Rob Feldman

Caricature by Regine "Jinberry" Clarke

Regine "Jinberry" Clarke

Paul Caggegi

Tim McEwen drawing a caricature of three siblings

Jock Brodie

Rob Feldman

Nathan Seabolt

Nathan Seabolt

Drawing by Rob Feldman

Nathan Seabolt's first attempt at a caricature: The Zoo called, they want the Monkey back!

Regine "Jinberry" Clarke drawing a caricature of this man's girlfriend by looking at a photo on his phone!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sold Postcard

Cartoons Galore! Exhibition: Photos of the Exhibition Launch

Photos taken at the Cartoons Galore! Exhibition Launch: Saturday 24th of August 2013.
Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger version of the photos.
I'll try to source more photos...
Enjoy :)

Rob Feldman, our wonderful Master of Ceremony

Steve Panozzo talking on behalf of the Australian Cartoonists' Association (ACA)

Tim McEwen, ACA Board Member talking about his involvement with the ACA and the Australian Comics Scene in general

Calm before the storm

Robert Luxford showing his amazing artwork on his laptop

Jock Brodie drawing caricatures

Paul Caggegi drawing for the public. The kids loved his drawings of robots and Warhammer Figurines!

Buddy Ross posing in front of his cartoons

Dani Vittz drawing caricatures

Jock Brodie and Dani Vittz drawing caricatures

Glen Le Lievre drawing for the public

Adi Firth pretending to be a public member

Yes, there were real public members!

Roger Fletcher drawing for the public

Dani Vittz drawing caricatures

Adi Firth drawing for the public

Rob Feldman drawing for the public (Hagen in the background)

Peter Byrne and Dani Vittz drawing for the public

Tim McEwen drawing for the public (Hayden Fryer in the background)

Talking comics with Bize

Caricature table in full swing

Peter Lewis drawing caricatures

Dani Vittz finally gettin a still image of this little boy by taking a photo with her phone and drawing the caricature with the photo as a reference. The boy was mightily impressed!

Steve Panozzo and Roger Fletcher checking the competition

Caricaturists at work