Sunday, 21 June 2015

Supanova Sydney 2015

The Australian Cartoonists' Association (ACA) once again had a table at the 2015 Sydney Supanova.

To represent the ACA were ACA President Jules Faber, Dani Vittz, Peter Lewis, Steve Panozzo and Hagen Cartoons.

Below are a few photos taken on the day. Note that also present, were other ACA Members at their own tables, notably Ed Dyer and Josh Spencer...

Click on the photos to enlarge them...

Setting up early Sunday morning

Steve Panozzo, Dani Vittz, Jules Faber

Scary pirate guarding my books

Dani and Steve in action

Steve in action

Peter Lewis in action


Jules Faber selling his "weirdo" books (he sold out!)

Dani doing a whole family in one drawing: Impressive!

Jules at the light table. Relax, he's tracing his own drawings...

Steve at work

A very happy "Weirdo" fan...

Steve in action

Dani in action

Hagen doodling live...

Ed Dyer in action

Josh Spencer



Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sold Postcard

Sold Postcard

Sold Postcard

Sold Postcard

Sold Postcard

Hippies: Yak cartoon Postcard
Hippies: Yak cartoon Postcard by Hagen_Cartoons
Postcards created online using Zazzle
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Monday, 8 June 2015

List of Australian contributors to the ACA Exhibition at the 2015 Saint Just le Martel Festival

This year again, the Australian Cartoonists' Association has sent cartoons from Australian cartoonists. I've just had confirmation that the cartoons have arrived. Contributors this year to the ACA exhibition are:

  1. Mark Lynch:
  2. Chris Wilson:
  3. Dani Vittz:
  4. Alan Rose:
  5. Tony Lopes:
  6. Anton Emdin:
  7. Robert Carter:
  8. Mark Tippett:
  9. Martina Zeitler:
  10. Alan Moir: Editorial Cartoonist at the Sydney Morning Herald.
  11. John Allison:
  12. Danny Zemp:
  13. Will Goodwin:
  14. Tim Mellish:
  15. Jock Brodie:
  16. Andrew Weldon:
  17. Michelle Commandeur:
  18. Rob Feldman:
  19. Geoff Norris: No website provided.
  20. Peter Sheehan:
  21. Jason Chatfield:
  22. Angie Lyndon: No website provided
  23. David "Hinze" Pope:
  24. Grant Brown:
  25. George Haddon:
  26. Glen Le Lievre:
  27. Judy Nadin:
  28. Martin "Woody" Robinson:
  29. David Rowe: Cartoonist at the Australian Financial Review
  30. Dave "Emo" Emerson:
  31. Judy Horacek:
  32. Gary Clark:
  33. Phil Judd:
  34. Ward O'Neill:
  35. Eric Lobbecke: Cartoonist at the The Australian
  36. Tim McEwen:
  37. Lindsay Foyle: No website provided
  38. Christophe Granet:

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Photos from the ACA NSW Winter Function: 7th of June 2015

The following photos were taken at the Australian Cartoonists' Association (ACA) NSW Winter Function 2015.

We were fortunate to have three speakers, Paul Caggegi, Kristie Tatton and Ward O'Neill. Details of the talks can be seen HERE.

Counting family and friends, we had 28 people at the functions.

Cartoonists/Artists present were: Roger Fletcher, Paul Caggegi, Ward O'Neill, Bob Carter, Glen Le Lievre, Jock Brodie, Hayden Fryer, Steve Panozzo, Lee Sheppard, Lindsay Foyle, Mike Wheeler, Dani Vittz, Kristie Tatton, Peter McAdam, Tony Kentuck, Graeme Biddle, Robert Luxford and Hagen Cartoons.

This post is a repository of the photos I took. Click on the thumbnails to see the high-resolution images. Feel free to use on your own websites...

The silly comments under the photos are my own, just for fun...

What's on the floor Glen?

Lindsay Foyle introducing Paul Caggegi.

Paul Caggegi in action

Kristie Tatton

Kristie singing the National Anthem (just kidding)

Ward O'Neill in action

Mike Wheeler learning to count on his fingers...

Tony Kentuck told it's time to pay for dinner...

Steve Panozzo and somebody who got a free meal from me...

A reminder to Tony Kentuck it is time to pay for dinner...

Paul Caggegi showing up his martial art moves to Glen Le Lievre who is suitably impressed...

Robert Luxford and Jock Brodie in deep conversation while
Hayden Fryer is checking that I'm not here to steal the pizza!

Bedtime for Paul Caggegi...

And here we go, cartoonists can't stop themselves and start drawing!

or painting...

Bob Carter drawn by Steve Panozzo...

Kristie Tatton showing us her amazing skills...

Graeme Biddle in full swing...

Bob Carter

Kristie's finished artwork...